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The primary objective of the FTS is to offer an alternative, more efficient and cost effective approach to undertaking and financing the ongoing development, upgrading and refurbishment of state schools and converting them from ‘Today's Schools' into ‘Tomorrow's Schools'.

This website was established to give its browser an array of up-to-date information, news and reports. In particular, the tender section of this site provides details of forthcoming tenders, together with the status and developments concerning the latest closed tenders and other procurement processes.

School Projects

Kirkop BoysKirkop Boys' Secondary School - St. Benedict's CollegeThe new St. Benedict's College is a three-storey facility which indeed ...more
Hamrun Boys’ Secondary School - St. George Preca CollegeHamrun Boys’ Secondary School - St. George Preca CollegeThe first and second phases of works at the Hamrun Boys’ Junior Lyceum ...more

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